John Digweed – Live In Toronto CD1 Preview

RENAULT ALPINE A110-50 | The movie with Jean Ragnotti

Wearhaus Arc | Wireless headphones reinvented

Designed with precision tuned audio, social music listening, color customization and touch controls.

T2 Minimalistic Led Lamp by Nick Ponomarenko

T2 is a handmade lamp that connects natural materials with modern aesthetics and technology.

EOLAB | A showcase of Renault innovation for the environment

MODO | 3D content creation

Ex Machina Official Trailer

Ex Machina – To erase the line between man and machine is to obscure the line between men and gods. – In theaters April 10, 2015

Car Design: Citroën Divine DS (Reveal)

You can never blame the French Designers for being over the top. Because when they do it – they do it the right way! No Apologies here: 1.6L Turbo pumping 270 BHP, and Swarovski front Grill, and Styling to Match, and Dropping Invented Words like ‘hyper-typage’… Citroën Divine DS

Direct Metal Laser Sintering | Think The IMPOSSIBLE. Then DO IT – EOS e-Manufacturing Solutions, Germany

Direct Metal Laser Sintering. Connect with us on Google Plus for more Information!… Click the plus Button if you like the video.

For more details on the process check wiki entry Selective Laser Sintering:


Filmed in 4K and adjusted to 1080p. Best on Full Screen @ 1080p on full HD monitor (native resulution) Awesome video, even if not 4K yet. Word is they will re-release the footage once 4K up becomes available online / on youtube. MOMO SlowMO – Enjoy!

Inventables Launches 3D Carving Machine on Kickstarter, Reaches Funding Target in Minutes!


“These are exciting times for those looking to get into digital fabrication, as the technology really is starting to trickle down. With MakerBot the go-to for desktop 3D printing and ShopBot cornering the shop-based prototyping and production market, Inventables reckons there’s room for something in-between: A machine it’s calling Carvey, designed by Scott Wilson and MNML.”

Kickstarter Project info: Carvey: The 3D carving machine for the maker in all of us

Source Core 77 – Posted by hipstomp / Rain Noe | 21 Oct 2014

How I went from Gran Turismo to Le Mans / DRIVE

“In 2011 Jann Mardenborough became the best Gran Turismo player in the world. He had won the GT Academy competition, beating 90,000 contestants. His prize was a driver’s seat for Nissan at the Dubai 24 Hour.”