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Ferrari 488 GTB

488 GTB has 3.8 liter turbocharged engine with 660 horsepower which will push it to 100kmh (60mph) in 3 seconds and 200kmh (125mph) in little over 8 seconds. The 488 is a second quicker than the Speciale, and two seconds faster than the 458 it replaces.

Polar Tacoma is up for sale


2010 Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition with 14,281 miles is offered for sale to the highest bidder January 14th-18th, 2015 at Scottsdale Arizona Auction. Powered by a 4.0L TRD supercharged V6 engine producing 380hp controlled by Automatic Transmission. The ‘Polar’ was designed to conquer temperatures of -89 degrees Celsius which is known to cause ball bearings to shater and fuel to explode. This Tacoma has set World Record overland journey to the South Pole (700mi / 1127km) in 1 day 15 hours and 54 minutes! Cost to build: USD$400,000..

Tire Concepts sponsored by Hankook

Hankook Tire partners bi-annually with transportation design students from global universities. This year they have unveiled a set of concept tires at the 2014 Essen Motors Show in conjunction with the University of Design, Engineering and Business in Pforzheim, Germany. The theme ‘A Great Challenge for a Great Change’ produced the Boostrac, Alpike and HyBlade concepts to tackle extreme desert, snow and rain.
[Video by NESIAC]