BMW Motorcycles Production

3D Printed Prototype – From Design to Reality

MXene is Conductive Clay

Direct Metal Laser Sintering | Think The IMPOSSIBLE. Then DO IT – EOS e-Manufacturing Solutions, Germany

Direct Metal Laser Sintering. Connect with us on Google Plus for more Information!… Click the plus Button if you like the video.

For more details on the process check wiki entry Selective Laser Sintering:

Car Design: The Making of an F1 Car [Pt. 1 Design and R&D]

Neri Oxman


Neri Oxman’s art

Spray-On Solar

Forgotten Archery Skills

The Danish archers Lars Andersen has rediscovered an old and very fast way to shoot bows:
“In 60,000 years, man has shot with bow. Today we know very little about the past archery.
So much is lost. There are no truths, or proper ways to shoot with bow,
I have rediscovered something about archery, but there is still so much to rediscover”

Cosyflex™ is 3D printed textile


Cosyflex™ is the world’s first ever technology developed to 3D print finished textile products. A radical departure from traditional textile manufacturing techniques, Cosyflex’s unique additive manufacturing method creates a next generation of textile that is so versatile.

Cosyflex™ prints unlimited fabric variations with any combination of features, patterns, embossing or perforations, seamlessly and on the same sheet.
More versatile than any other textile manufacturing method to date, Cosyflex™ prints finished product designs, in just seconds.

Inkjet-Based Circuits at Fraction of Cost


Georgia Tech Develops Inkjet-Based Circuits at Fraction of Time and Cost
Researchers from Georgia Tech, the University of Tokyo and Microsoft Research have developed a novel method to rapidly and cheaply make electrical circuits by printing them with commodity inkjet printers and off-the-shelf materials. For about $300 in equipment costs, anyone can produce working electrical circuits in the 60 seconds it takes to print them.

Smallest working V-12

José Manuel Hermo Barreiro, “Patelo”, is a pensioner from Galicia (Spain). He’s a retired naval mechanic and he has built the smallests engines in the world.

3D Printed Metal Gun

Introducing metal 3D printing to the world as a viable solution for fully functional firearm prototypes. At you can learn more about the reliability, usability, durability and accuracy of DMLS as a functioning prototype or product, and this gun is a successful demonstration of each of those attributes. Its chamber sees pressure above 20,000 psi every time it is fired proving the material integrity provided by DMLS technology. The small components needed for the 1911 series gun proves DMLS can meet tolerances and accuracy. We’re changing people’s perspective about what 3D Printing can do and showing the technology is at a place where we can do this kind of thing and succeed. This technology is capable of fully functioning assemblies at full scale.