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we all know that reading is dope, but is apple going to transform the reading experience and reignite the fireeeee??? (read fire, with excitement dot dot dot)

so… now that we been waiting since year zero for something like this. apple took their time to slow bake this pie, and make sure its fully roasted before giving us a peek, just so you can drool some more. yes, the technology has been around for some time, but no one yet did master the business model to make it work.

in typical fashion, apple is about to say yes or no on it tomorrow. lets keep our pretty fingers crossed, hope that the fairy tale continues, and watch stevie & co. pull another rabbit out the hat. hopefully apple delivers the scratch …

meanwhile, gizmodo has the geek team on standby (they must be real itchy by now):

“The Apple tablet could change everything. That’s what people are hoping for, revolution. But revolutions don’t actually happen overnight, especially if you’re talking about turning around an entire diseased, lumbering industry, like publishing.”

… linky linky : (Pondering The) Apple Tablet’s Print Revolution


(Pondering The) Apple Tablet’s Print Revolution

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Because of the amount of SPAM we receive, only Registered USERS can make comments. Then your COMMENTS will be automatically approved. Thx / idgrid crew

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… RSS means = real simple syndication

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Upgrading WordPress to v 2.7.1 …

… Unpacking the core update

… Verifying the unpacked files

… Installing the latest version

… Upgrading database

WordPress upgraded successfully.

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We can tag our posts. This will be very helpful when categorizing links. For general reference on the site. And for people looking for related material. The tag words will appear on the right side on our site.


Also we can now schedule publishing. Lets say… one day you find a couple of cool links, and we want our site to stay fresh. Then you can save your daft and enter a time when those should be published. The server takes care of the rest…

idgrid [dot] org passed the W3C Validation Test !
click here for what this means…


… stay tuned

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FYI, we are currently running WordPress 2.7 on our Server @ Media Temple

to login into (bookmark this) team.idgrid.org/login

or http://idgrid.org/wp-login.php

/// our site url until testing is complete is team.idgrid.org

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Looks like we can import the blogger posts using the import blogger tool.

I am going to run this over the weekend and check the results.

for more info check Blogger Import tool page

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