Naval Open Source Intelligence: Norway MOD To Evaluate SUB 303


Norway MOD To Evaluate An Acquisition Of New Submarines To Replace The Existing Ula class

A project led by the Ministry of Defence has since 2007 studied Norway’s future submarine capability. Several options have been looked at in the process.The Government has now decided that the project will enter a definition phase and evaluate an acquisition of new submarines to replace the existing Ula class when it becomes obsolete. Norway’s future submarine capability has been studied since 2007. The studies have been conducted in two phases, both with thorough external quality reviews before being presented.Read more


17x17x17 Rubik’s Cube

17x17x17 Over the Top World Record Cube Time-Lapse Solve!!

America’s Most Popular Costumes

Car Design: Citroën Divine DS (Reveal)

You can never blame the French Designers for being over the top. Because when they do it – they do it the right way! No Apologies here: 1.6L Turbo pumping 270 BHP, and Swarovski front Grill, and Styling to Match, and Dropping Invented Words like ‘hyper-typage’… Citroën Divine DS

Inventables Launches 3D Carving Machine on Kickstarter, Reaches Funding Target in Minutes!


“These are exciting times for those looking to get into digital fabrication, as the technology really is starting to trickle down. With MakerBot the go-to for desktop 3D printing and ShopBot cornering the shop-based prototyping and production market, Inventables reckons there’s room for something in-between: A machine it’s calling Carvey, designed by Scott Wilson and MNML.”

Kickstarter Project info: Carvey: The 3D carving machine for the maker in all of us

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NURBS by Krugger


Krugger NURBS hits the BMW K1600 for six cylinder engine…

“Krugger” Bertrand is Belgium’s motorcycle builder inspired by the iconic pre-War BMW R7. He uses jigs and cardboard mockups to get the lines right, taking the Japanese approach of observing where shadows fall, and playing on the contrast between light and dark. “NURBS is a mathematical term meaning ‘Non-Uniform Rational B-spline,’ a concept developed in the 1950s by engineers looking for a way to replicate freeform surfaces in car and ship design.” [more info]

Choreographed Traffic

RUSH HOUR from Black Sheep Films

On-board Lap with the Redbull F1 Team – Circuit de Catalunya

Solved: Sailing Stones in Death Valley

All Black Chicken

Life n Soul speaker Review


Review – Life n Soul BM211 Bluetooth speaker Review
– unique portable stand look
– performance not that unique