In Whistler Bike Park

Video: Remy Metailler Chases Forrest Riesco Down Angry Pirate In Whistler Bike Park | Singletracks Mountain Bike Blog.

COBI Connected System

COBI. World's Smartest Connected Biking System

Electric FatBike

iGO Electric FatBike

Wind Tunnel: Disc vs. Rim Brakes

The Win Tunnel: Disc vs Rim Brakes
In this episode of “In the win tunnel” Chris and Cameron of Specialized answer the question of what the aerodynamic differences are between rim and disc brakes. It’s not as much as you might have thought…

The North – trip on bicycle

Smart bicycle by DuBike

Bicycle Record 333kmh [207mph]

Ferrari vs. bicycle drag race…
Turn down the volume and watch François Gissy Bicycle World Record to 207mph = 333kmh.

French concept

TheArsenale For SPOOTNIK by Arvak

Procore Dual Chamber MB tire

Procore system should be available starting next year, in all three mountain bike wheel sizes. A kit containing two tubes, the sealant, and all the necessary mounting accessories will be priced at €179 (about US$230).

Hydrogen Hy-Cycle

UNSW researchers have built a bicycle that can travel up to 125 kilometres on a single battery charge and $2 of hydrogen.

Starck’s Electric Bikes


Philippe Starck’s Electric Mountain Bikes Boost You Up Hills in Style