25 Examples of Illustration and Hand Drawn Elements

“We can say that Illustration is a visual form of presenting something (via Wikipedia). Regarding web design, we can also say that the main goal is to “present something” in a beautiful and interesting form, so we get our user’s attention. Today we decided to gather some examples of websites using illustrations and/or hand drawn elements to present their content. From hand drawn typography to character illustrations and other details, here you will see a lot of inspiring examples.” via webdesignledger.com




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Audi Quattro | Snow Drifting

RIM purchase The Astonishing Tribe, a Design and Mobile Interface Company

RIM, the maker of the Blackberry, announced Thursday that it has purchased The Astonishing Tribe, a highly regarded design and mobile interface company.

This is a video showing some interface concepts from The Astonishing Tribe.

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Microsoft Kinect Teardown

Batman | City of Scars

BP Spills Coffee

Throw the Swedes Out | Kitchen

Stella Artois | The Ritual Project

CERN explained in 3 min. :)

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