Best of the Week – April 14, 2019 – Joe Rogan Experience

not that joe needs more time on. this is a test for YT auto uploads from idgrid playlist // plow that snow. before global warming that shit froze like december and, we been skating in march. but how do you know when to stop… no one asked you listen till the end etc … // Growing Up and the Trouble We Get Out of Living


MODO | 3D content creation

Everything That You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the McLaren P1 – /DRIVE with Chris Harris

Chris Harris drives the new $1.2 million McLaren P1 at the Yas Marina Grand Prix circuit in Abu Dhabi UAE. Before taking to the track at night, Chris Harris chats with Chris Goodwin, the Chief Test Driver for McLaren Automotive to discuss the technology of McLaren’s latest offering, perhaps the definition of the modern day hypercar.

Aprilia RSV4: Ride It Like You Stole It // RideApart

Jamie steal’s Aprilia from Wes, and takes it on a mountain road… Adventure With Aprilia RSV4

Efficient Source of Electricity

Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Now battle

Microsoft’s Cortana vs. Apple’s Siri vs. Google’s Now comparison

The best places to live

10 Things Americans Have Stopped Buying

30 Important Digital Cameras

The 30 Most Important Digital Cameras of All Time
From the first prototype of 1975 to Sony’s Cyber-shot RX1 of 2012, here’s a chronicle of photography’s inevitable march to digital

Top 100 Global Innovators


This proprietary program recognizes the 100 most innovative companies in the world according to a series of patent-related metrics that get to the essence of what it means to be truly innovative.

Lousy authentication

Why fingerprints make lousy authentication tokens

Training Watches


The Ultimate Guide To Training Watches