Month: May 2013

Leap Motion With Windows

With Leap Motion technology, Windows OS is natural, easy, and fun to use. You’ll navigate your desktop, browse the web, flip through photos, and do everything you do everyday in extraordinary ways —all with the wave of a hand or lift of a finger.

laser+water = SoftStop

The Softstop Barrier System produces a pseudo holographic image that appears to float in mid air, commanding the attention of the motorist making the ‘STOP’ message impossible to miss.

Customize your MacBook

“Through our tailoring service, we’ve guided dozens of bespoke creations for DJ’s, bands and CEO’s around the world.
We distinguish between two kinds of custom designs: the minimalist approach of the Circle Uncover (from €399), where your artwork is cut out of a ring in the centre of the aluminium, and the more elaborate Tailor Made Uncover (from €599) for which we go beyond the boundaries of the circle (these elaborate designs are currently only available on Macbook Pro)”

Teenager wins Intel prize


Student’s self-driving car tech wins Intel science fair.
When self-driving cars reach the masses, thanks may be due to a 19-year-old high-school student from Romania who developed an artificial intelligence that slashes the cost of the technology. He took top prize — a $75,000 scholarship — Friday at an international science and engineering fair…