Month: August 2014

Scuba propellers

The Aquatic Thrust Boots – Hammacher Schlemmer

This is diver propulsion system currently used by the U.S. military. The system’s twin 6″-diam. thrusters mount to the outside of a diver’s lower thighs just above the knees while its power source and throttle setting secures around the waist. With a maximum underwater speed of 3 1/2 knots, the thrusters’ brushless electric motors provide virtually silent yet powerful operation that relegates diving fins to controlling attitude and direction. This one provides hands-free operation. Its lithium-ion battery provides a range that exceeds two miles; an extra battery may be carried and “hot swapped” underwater to extend operation. Compatible with commercial diving gear.

Buy here: US$31’500

KAZ on Gran Turismo

KAZ: Pushing The Virtual Divide [1:25:00]

…is full-length documentary exploring the mind of GranTurismo series leader Kazunori Yamauchi.
(Filmed and direction by Tamir Moscovici)

Note: turn on the subtitles option