Month: June 2011

Entrepreneurs must fight fear of selling

“Entrepreneurs may often be bold and risk-taking, but they’re not immune to a fear of selling, says Dr. Derek Hassay, a marketing professor at the University of Calgary’sHaskayne School of Business.

Many experience what academics have called “inhibited social contact initiative syndrome” and actively avoid direct sales, he says.

A fear of rejection is just one of many reasons for what he dubs “call reluctance.” Many people, including Ms. Van, dread coming across as pushy or intrusive, while still others are cowed by approaching those they perceive to have greater power, wealth or status.”

Syd Mead | The Future Starts Right Now

Syd Mead – On creative control:

“The idea of controlling your creative idea right to the final format? That will never happen. Or rarely. Your ideas will go through a series of committees, compromises and pummels every single time.”

Syd Mean – On job prospects for graduates:

“The whole thing about graduating is that you’re not really guaranteed success. Over 2,000 years ago Socrates wrote, “Luck is opportunity meeting preparation.” And that’s what [you students] are doing.”

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Ferrari World Design Contest 2011 2nd Phase

“The Ferrari World Design Contest, launched in collaboration with Autodesk, has just completed the first phase of its selection process. With entries from over 50 international design schools, the contest saw more than 200 projects arrive at the supercar manufacturer’s studios in Maranello. Seven design schools have now been selected as finalists.”


“You are onboard a of a space station, watching a Chaplin film being projected onto the surface of the moon….and…Action!”