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Podcasts : HEAL Your Body & Mind + From Dairy Queen to Developing Smart Drones

HEAL Your Body & Mind w/Dr. Daniel Amen EP 1243
[ … started listening these podcasts and even though the guy is a geek, he had some good insights for us: ]


From Dairy Queen to Developing Smart Drones with Rut Patel
[ This was inspiring. I like this Rut’s mindset on how to create a company: ]


Tokio Carbon Light – Feature Lighting @Schütz Family Office in Vienna, Austria

A high-performing modular suspension light – Tokio Carbon Light contributed to this modern and spacious office in the center of Vienna, Austria. In total, three different Carbon Lights in standard sizes were chosen for this project. In addition to standard dimensions, Tokio offers plenty of custom configurations. A suspended modular system allows unique creations in any size and illuminates a surface of any dimension.

[ photographer: Gustavo Bernasconi, picture copyright: ERCO Lighting GmbH, architecture & design: m.u.x.e.l, dealer & interior design: Smart Living Vienna ]

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