3D Printed Prototype – From Design to Reality

Kitchen Gadgets

AURA: wireless lights

Amazon Echo

PlayStation4 remoteplay with Xperia phones/tablets

LG Cinema 4K monitor


Razor Presents: The all new CRAZY CART XL

Direct Metal Laser Sintering | Think The IMPOSSIBLE. Then DO IT – EOS e-Manufacturing Solutions, Germany

Direct Metal Laser Sintering. Connect with us on Google Plus for more Information! https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/1171355… Click the plus Button if you like the video. http://www.fusionpm.com/

For more details on the process check wiki entry Selective Laser Sintering: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selective_laser_sintering

Behind The Scenes Of The Pioneer DJ Sale

PioneerCDJ DJ

With the recent success of their exploding controller line, last week many in the DJ field wondered: Why did Pioneer sell their DJ division to investment company KKR? Leadership in Japan has been talking about the sale of Pioneer DJ for months according to a source close to the deal and both companies. That source chatted with us on the condition of anonymity, revealing fresh details on the sale and what DJs might expect in the future.

The DEAL: The deal to sell Pioneer’s DJ equipment division has been inked, with private equity firm KKR acquiring all outstanding shares of Pioneer DJ for approximately 59 billion Japanese Yen – or about $551 million US dollars. Pioneer will retain about 15% share in the company and equivalent voting rights in the DJ manufacturer.” – > DETAILS

Philips PulseRelief app


Leica M Edition 60